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Corona Paradise Portal

This summer we worked with Corona to create an immersive retail installation which acted as a portal to a hidden paradise. Stepping closer to the window unleashed an illusion which felt as if nature was only a step away. A sensor filled cooler flooded the nature with light when consumers came to interact.

Moncler Genius AR Lens

We helped Moncler create a one of a kind book related to the uniqueness of their latest Moncler Genius project. Paired with augmented reality content, 3D immersive experiences are triggered by the printed pages bring a new perspective to the traditional book layout. Through the Moncler Genius AR Lens app, 10 unique AR interpretations are unveiled throughout the eight different designer chapters, centerfold and cover, revealing a secret 3D multiverse behind each collection.

Read the coverage on Designboom here.

LAVA: Necessary Explosion

Necessary Explosion app is a new kind of AR experience that converts your turntable or surroundings into a psychedelic sculpture garden. The app is intended to be experienced with the SOS vinyl LP, the album release by artist Necessary Explosion. Using it is as simple as dropping the needle and launching the app. By pointing a smartphone or tablet at the turntable, users will see the songs come to life in AR.

Listeners without the record can still experience the app. Simply load on mobile or tablet, play the album through any digital platform such as Spotify through a secondary device or sound system (not the device the app is operating on), pump the volume and follow the prompts. Cosmic animations, inspired by each track — react based on your proximity around them, creating an interactive future music experience.

Find the app here!


Our studio ethos is marrying new tech with an artful perspective. The following is a series of explorations in AR, VR, animation, installation, gaming and beyond to inspire new realms of possibilities.

Paraíso Secreto

To inspire people to spend time outside and live more moments that matter, we created a secret paradise in the heart of one of the most hectic, overpopulated cities in the world: Mexico City. Stripping away the surrounding concrete jungle, ‘Paraíso Secreto’ combined theatrics, VR technology and interactive set design to immerse visitors in a natural mirage — luring them away from the stresses of urban reality, and into a secret paradise.

Bitmap Banshees

Bitmap Banshees is a techno-glitter VR thriller game set inside a future dystopian Amsterdam where a gang of biker banshees are out to get you. Players navigate survival inside a psychedelic-science-fiction-slash-B-grade-horror-frogger reality, straddling an exercise bike turned post-apocalyptic ride, complete with haptics and interactive elements like a bike bell that harbors special powers. The game overflows from the digital into a physical installation with characters and collectibles turned icons inside a real world setting.

Senseless Fairytale

The Senseless Fairytale is a VR children’s story experience set in a surrealist world where clouds crumble like frosting and crows play cranberry trombones. Using an actual magic wand, children use physical gestures to alter a kingdom of dancing alligators and pink peanut butter peacocks, to be crowned the ultimate Senseless Fairytale Princess.

Mad Hatter

Taking stage visuals to a new height, we augmented the Unreal game engine technology to transform a classical marionette play into a fantastical over-sized CGI puppet mechanism. Paired with VR controllers, this technology-gone-rogue brings back the ghost of the puppeteer in a modern fairy tale hallucination. Our Mad Hatter flops around the stage, his dance composed IRL by an accomplice puppeteer through a VR interface proposing a new mixed-reality theatre experience.


In a world of diminishing attention spans, and fracturing media, The Department of New Realities is a future-forward creative unit within W+K Amsterdam, hell-bent on finding new and innovative ways to bring together our clients and their consumers.

Melding technology, 3D, culture, theatrics, experiences and the senses into ground-breaking combinations to create new types of engagement that build brands & businesses.

Anita Fontaine

Creative Director

Geoffrey Lillemon

Creative Director

Lily Darby

Head of Business Development, Production & Studio Operations

Leeza Pritychenko

Jr. Designer / Digital Art Director

Thomas de Rijk

3D Generalist

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